Designers Korner | ‘Generation X’

This is a conversation salon for a maximum of 4. It’s for designers, especially those who are working remotely and in a nomadic way. I’d like to hear perspectives on design, how it’s changed, what you think has stuck or not stuck, based on a Generation X perspective. This is not for any kind of research project, other than pure curiosity. If you want to show up in the cloud with me (and us?), will host it on a day and time that works well for most.


(Still) making space for conversations: sometimes, anyway

This link can be used for you to suggest your best time. Thank you for your attention; I am going to keep trying to get people talking to each other, somehow or another, but from a new, virtual kind of approach instead of geophysically moving around the world like I was doing 2014-2020. It’s been sort of impossible to do it in Viet Nam and Cambodia, also, in real life, due to many, many things. That’s okay.

In reality, it turns out only 1 out of 100 people will say ‘yes’ and opt-in, anyway.

So, here I am. Waiting for your notifications, with your input on the best time, on a poll. Here’s the link.


When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. -Max Planck

By the way the virtual stuff is not just starting this coming week. I’ve been hitting up some old contacts and gathering us in the virtual spaces. The reason is, it’s been a long time. Also, I’ve come to recognize the value of ‘mix it up’ sharing, and how immensely powerful just a change of perspective can be when you hear someone somewhere else tell it like it is, for them.  Past conversations in the series S P A C E | ‘A Change of Perspective’ this summer include this one.

Image: Milad Fakurian