Purpose | Gallup: ‘A great life is more than just money’


According to a 2022 Gallup piece written by Jon Clifton, that company’s CEO, there is an interesting set of items that make people self-report that their lives are ‘the best they can be.’

Here is an excerpt:

… ‘A great life is more than just money. After studying the 20% of people who report having a great life, Gallup finds they have five things in common: They are fulfilled by their work, have little financial stress, live in great communities, have good physical health, and have loved ones they can turn to for help.’

‘The 20% of people who rate their lives the worst have very little of any of those things. They don’t have a quality job, their income is not enough to get by, they live in broken communities, they are hungry or malnourished, and they don’t have anyone in their life they can count on for help. And the 20% who rate their lives this low are getting sadder, more stressed and angrier than ever before.

Source: Global rise of unhappiness, Gallup