Society, focus, distraction, and Information overload

It’s not just information overload.

It’s everything… I read this article about ‘millennial burnout’ and that helped this Gen X’er understand better why too much of too much is a real issue.

I had included a snippet from that in a past edition of S P A C E. Finding it today makes me feel like sharing it here, because it’s been a topic of conversation with my friends lately.

Here is the piece of the article I found most interesting:

‘Posting on social media, after all, is a means of narrativizing our own lives: What we’re telling ourselves our lives are like. And when we don’t feel the satisfaction that we’ve been told we should receive from a good job that’s “fulfilling,” balanced with a personal life that’s equally so, the best way to convince yourself you’re feeling it is to illustrate it for others:’ A.H. Peterson, Buzzfeed