Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program’s April Lee’s brilliant reply to the question, ‘Can we truly change systems if we’re still in them?’

April Lee

Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program’s April Lee, pictured above, is a panelist in the video below.

I love how she replied to an audience member’s question. The question was about whether the panelists believed, truly, that change was possible when the very systems that created difficulties are things we’re still living in.

Watch this, to hear it.



Belonging, questions, and how ‘you can create your own seat at the table’


Lee said:

‘I think 100 percent… We forget that as individuals we do hold power… You can create your own seat at the table… I truly believe in ripples. It only takes one person to believe in you enough for you to change the world. And tat triple, that . one individual you connect to, that one person that you inspire or uplift, you have in turn changed their world. It’s inevitable.

‘We’re sitting here having conversations like this for the first time in a long time. We’re talking about racism and the humanness and the connectedness. These are not normal conversations we would have had ten years ago, so change is possible. But you have to imagine that change first for yourself before we can imagine the change of sys bc we all have to be accountable for what we put in the world and the change that we want to see.’


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