Issue #70, S P C | Durham, ‘Pasteboard’

I’m offline, but this is a scheduled post for 21 April.

Who knows where we will be in that time.

It’s a strange moment, and that’s an understatement!, but I’m visiting with many of my old ‘homes’ through internet calls these days where I am. Still in *Secret Location*. Still… of course, we’re all quarantining at the time of this writing. I won’t be answering emails for a while. I won’t be reading news. I’ll just be writing great chunks, I hope, of a work in progress that has been in my mind and on my heart for… 20 years, yeah. It’s sci fi, so of course I want to get the details right. Plot and stuff. Characters.

For my old acquaintances, high school buddies, college friends, and others I used to work with while living in North Carolina, one of my many, many homes (even if publishers there in Chapel Hill never accepted me as a ‘North Carolina’ writer and editors at the paper in Raleigh never let me publish my stories inside it except once, well, I still think of NC…) And for those there who think of me, I made this issue.

S P C | Durham, ‘Pasteboard.’

Here’s a link.