‘It is what it is’ and other ill-received office jargon in the United States

Looking into the data journalism field as we move into more communication design, messaging, and infographics work here at DK, I found this. Being aware is a big step towrds how we are perceived, received, and connecting to others.

I particularly am in agreement about becoming agitated when I hear, ‘It is what it is,’ though it depends on who is saying it and how close we are. Despite its usefulness during the pandemic (so far) the feeling just nags. Of course it is what it is. the point is, can we empathize a bit with one another?

Practicing soft skills, alongside all the infographic design. It’s the subject of S P A C E the zine this spring.


Infographic: America's Most Hated Office Jargon | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista