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There are so many things to write about food, and these are my posts on #newcuizines so far.

Food. Ingredients. Cooking styles. Chefistry.

tuesday / Zines & Cuisines popped up at Atelier S P A. C E in June 2021. Food by Van Tran. Zines by Dipika Kohli.

After a few fun popup shows related to Zines & New Cuizines, here’s what I’m thinking. Food is nice. But what about the rest of it? The other elements that make the experience of sharing time and food… high quality. That.

The stuff of considering and reflecting on anything related to S P A C E is my thing, so I want to ask about that. About the things that surround the actual stuff of the meal. Things like, for example: the dishwares, the place settings, the color of the tabletop.

The mood in the room, the music, the ventilation, the company. These are my areas of designing for social space in Atelier S P A C E popups, so that’s why I thought it would be fun to think about it a little, for August. The items that surround you, while having a meal.

Let me start simple.

I’m thinking about ambient spaces. As [deleted]..

… of one particular element of some parts of the world’s items on the table.


Andraz Lazic

Jakub Dziubak

Monika Grabkowska

Elements of dining

‘Al Fresco’ // Photo by Van Tran, Atelier S P A C E // Ho Chi Minh City, June 2021

I’ll come back to that, if there’s more to share, sometime. At the time of this writing, I am fundraising for #newcuzines. It is a project of Design Kompany’s Atelier S P A C E // Ho Chi Minh City.

It’s created by and with teammates here in Viet Nam. It includes a lot of fun, creative collaborations, over time, built from sharing and getting acquainted and trust and respect. This is what all creative teams that make great work start with: the building towards fabulous things. Bands, choreographs, movies that stay with you because they are artsy and made by people who like movies and care about the quality (Another Earth, for example) instead of the whiz-bang quick-buck things that have no real substantial artistic merit, let’s be really honest, shall we? Dollars are more important than Arts, usually. But not here. Not on this particular project. Quality matters. Quality comes with… commitment. And time. And learning. Together, in our way we have. In S P A C E. Is fun, for me.

We all get acquainted through the process of showing up to learn, and we love to ask big questions, and try new things. What works is when we’re all learning, together, and exploring the edges to see what we can see. It starts there, in the space of ‘let’s just make it.’ [deleted]…

Next is next.

Support our efforts to make New Cuizines at this crowdfunding page?

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