Overcoming fear of failure

Writing today about this topic as it has come up a lot for the real life conversations where I am, with new people. I am floored to find out just how common it is for people to not start something because they are afraid of it not working at all. And looking bad.

‘We all have a fear of failure,’ writes ‘James’ on his blog. ‘Like many others, you probably worry that your incompetency or lack of skill will result in failure. However, having these emotions and thoughts are normal. Really, it’s how you deal with overcoming your fear of failure that matters. If you are able to push through your fear, it can drive you to be better. Fear can even transform into a hurdle to overcome or a goal to accomplish.


The fear of failure holds us back

I think there’s so much out there already written about ‘how to overcome a fear of failure.’ Let me look around. And curate. And see. Stuff like Simplicable’s post on ‘examples of personal resilience’ might be good to mention. Observing here where I am in Southeast Asia, most of the block to starting creative anything is, I think, fear of failure. Is what I am seeing, around me. I’ll put highlights of curations found online into S P A C E on Tuesday.