Why do people quit?

From: A Nov. 2021 report by McKinsey on ‘The Great Attrition.’



‘Interpersonal. Not feeling valued by one’s manager (52 percent) and not feeling a sense of belonging (51 percent) were two frequently cited reasons employees left a job in the past six months.

‘Adaptability improves the ability to be vulnerable and empathetic with others, increasing the capacity to display compassionate leadership and turn difficult interpersonal situations into relationship-building opportunities. It helps us connect with others with greater authenticity—normalizing the importance of quality relationships at work and providing the skill set to strengthen them, especially in virtual settings.

‘Team. One of the top five reasons that changed in importance over the past six months for individuals who chose to stay at a job was working with people who trust and care for one another (48 percent). Level of trust in and care for teammates contributes to the perception of psychological safety—reinforcing or weakening adaptability. The greater the psychological safety, the more quickly belonging, engagement, and ability to deal with stress can improve because people feel supported. Adaptability’s renewing effect on relationships can drive the creation of attractive team environments.’


Interesting, isn’t it?

How about you? What are you doing to build your teammates’ trust within the organization, amongst themselves, and with leadership?

Soft skills: easy to talk about, hard to develop. Or are they?

It’s a big topic these days. Soft skills are hard to come by. And there’s so much ’empathy washing.

I made that term up.

I wrote a zine about it.