S P A C E | ‘But don’t forget your happiness’

I want to talk about this. ‘But don’t forget this,’ someone told me the other day, at a place that was not too crowded but not as airy as I would have wanted, me being me, and being cautious. The pandemic isn’t over. I don’t want to get sick. But I went along, because I was curious.

Intangibles: satisfaction, joy

There are many things people want when they are starting out and dreaming big, with a new enterprise. They want fame, recognition, money, investors, accolades, referrals. All that. I know. I was one of these young ambitious people, once.

‘But don’t forget your happiness,’ someone I had met recently said that someone he met recently had told him. That made me think about it, all over again. About the ‘why’ of doing any job, anywhere, for any sum of money. You are, after all, selling your time.

What can human resource teams do for their employees to keep them engaged? What about recruiting?

Keeping talent is tough, now. I will cite things ano ther day, but you know, and I know, that we all have been through so much with remote work, layoffs, and changes of circumstances. What are you going to do differently in 2023?

Whatever it is, I wish you well.

But don’t forget your happiness.