Purpose | ‘How to know your life purpose in 5 minutes’ TEDx talk

Great video. ‘How to know your life purpose in 5 minutes,’ by Adam Leipzig at TEDxMalibu. I haven’t had the breakthrough that I got through doing the questions he asks in this, ever, before.

I know, I know. I am supposed to be the person that people go to, for finding out ‘Identity’, for brand identity design, so I should know already how to help people find their life purpose. Right? No. identity changes and you can have several: you can have different companies, for example, that deliver different things for different people. DK is for Leaders, for example, and I have other things for people who are more peers that want to have fun hanging out and connecting with each other and themselves.

So yeah. While it’s true that I do have resources on how to find your purpose since I am talking to so many people all the time about this, lately, they are oldies but goldies.

The reason I just go to this old toolkit is because, honestly, I find myself getting ‘hooked’ by clickbait and finding out there’s nothing behind it. So it keeps me wary of exploring online. I honestly feel like the idea of ‘substance’ is lost these days in the seas of ‘catchy, glittery’. That isn’t just internet. That’s life, and people, too. Who is real, these days? Hard to say. Which is why I haven’t been looking for new things to share here often, or talking to people I do not already know quite well. Maybe that’s just the pandemic-adjusted version of Design Kompany, now. Accepting, adjusting.

But I like this video.

So.  I want to put it here at the end of 2022, for those who, like me, are thinking out what we want to do… next. Here is a link.