How to spark creative thinking to generate new ideas

Creative thinking and you. Creative thinking and the world. People and how they talk about it, why being ‘creative’ is sometimes confused with being ‘artistic.’ Why is the subject of being creative something that we overcomplicate? I believe that everyone can do something in a creative way. That’s taking the job of making something new, if someone wants to.

Everyone is creative. It’s dormant, within us; we’re human. We are inquisitive and curious when we are little kids and infants, taking in so much about the world. As we get older somehow this gets conditioned out of us and more ‘productive’ things like figuring out how to get ahead and make money take over the natural processes of playing our way towards discoveries and finding ways to make, and keep making, things that we find interesting.

Try new things. See what happens.

Misoneism is the name of the concept wherein people fear the new.

Sure, staying in your comfort zone is one way to live. You can stay there, and keep staying there, and then you might find out one day that you get annoyed about it. How many people have you met who are already in midlife and taking stock of their choices and getting bitter with it? It can be demoralizing if we have been ‘sleepwalking through life,’ as they say. ‘Life traps’ was one of my issues of S P A C E. Preparing for that, I studied many tangential topics and learned this term as well as found many stories of people who wished they could live a life that was more true to themselves.

Explore, stay curious.

Let’s talk about how you are doing and how we can help you get to ‘next.’

What do you need to do to spark creative thinking?

Be open to receiving what might land in front of you, and be curious about it. That’s the first step. Then, be open to exploring to find out where things could go if you engage with it. Learning, playing, and colorfully exploring: these are the mainstay traits of the most creative people I know.