Issue #99

This week’s issue is about the art of cooking. It’s a members-only one, this time. The cover image and the food preparation itself are both by Atelier S P A C E // HCMC Creative Lead, Văn Trần.

The lead story for this issue is, ‘Home,’ by Quân Nguyện, who contributes to S P A C E occasionally from Aarhus, Denmark. (Nguyện’s story ‘Unnecessary Jackets’ was Nguyện’s first piece published for S P A C E, in March 2019. Ongoing dialogues relating to home, belonging, identity, and crossing culture have continued, ever since.)

‘Home’ / by Van Tran / Atelier S P A C E HCMC, August 2020

It’s exciting to be able to host ‘miniparties’ with newly joining subscribers and guests of our workshops, popups, and salons. These are not advertised anywhere as we are working hard to filter for ‘sincerity.’ It’s a long, long story about that but you can find out when you meet up wit us. You’ll need to become a member, if you’d like to be part of our virtual community or join our real life programs in Vietnam this year and next. To become a member,  you can subscribe to S P A C E.

To do that, go to the page in our store where this issue is displayed and subscribe through the registration there. Here’s a link.