Awareness | A reason, a season, or a lifetime

What is friendship? What is kindness, care, and what is closeness? Writing the next 12-week series of S P A C E at the moment, S P A C E | Spring 2023, ‘A Life Well Lived’.

I just listened to a 22-minute podcast at NPR about this. The changing nature of friendship. As in, what is that. What does it mean.

I get that people are smart who talk on NPR, but I also feel that I am not their audience. Whose audience am I, then? Uh.

S P A C E’s?

S P A C E. The e-mag I make for people I like. 

S P A C E | ‘Less and Less, More and More’ is one the zines from the Phnom Penh winter 2022/3 series, ‘Muted but not Quiet.’

Still moving around, albeit hyper locally, and still trying to get people talking. And writing things down in the zines. Reviews people wrote about my way of hosting conversations, including a couple of interviews you can listen to, are at my personal site.

Friendship, the pandemic, you & me

Surely everyone everywhere has one common universal experience of this time, on Earth. The pandemic has re-fashioned our relationships with relationships, themselves. I listen and read what others write, but it doesn’t quite sit fully neatly in the box I’m in.

What about estrangement? What about opting out? What about just closing the doors on the people whom you realize one day just aren’t your people? Or the opposite: welcoming those whom you never imagined could be.

Our people. Which, yeah, what is that, even? What does that mean?

For each of us, it’s different. And that’s the question I want to explore. With, and for, those who are part of a new set of conversations in S P A C E. Let’s talk about it. A life well lived. Also, I want to include more people in S P A C E as writers or just to engage with over the next few months; so I want to invite new voices to S P A C E. Unsurprising, given how I wanted to evolve things for 2023, which I wrote up on the crowdfunding page for it. See #spacethezine.


What is community?