S P A C E | Rīga, ‘Sunny Side of the Street’

A new issue of S P A CE is out today. (It launches officially in August, but I’m sharing it, for a limited time, as some people I am meeting are asking me what it’s going to be, and it’s turning into a kind of series, so why not launch ‘Sunny Side of the Street’ and see what sticks, from there.)

‘SSoS’ is a very special edition, of which DK will print a few copies of for real life conversations and readings here in Latvia.

More to say. Might be hanging out in cafes and stuff, and bars, sharing them in real life. Keep your eyes peeled, if you’re in this city.

Will continue in more detail… but later. For now, sleep.

HOW TO ORDER. Order the new issue, the first from Latvia, at this link.